Change a Life Through Customer Experience

As 21st century consumers, we want anything, anywhere, and at any time. Looking at the current state of some industries, meeting these customer expectations today can be literally life-changing. And I don’t mean life-changing in the same way as on-demand fried chicken.

I recently started working with a Melbourne-based FinTech startup in healthcare. Our mission is to financially empower people living with a disability in Australia. We help individuals who typically aren’t able to work, acquire funds (from the government), budget and pay for services through an online platform. We help to give people choice and control in their lives.

Imagine being dependent on a wheelchair, living in rural Victoria, choosing a service (such as a hairdresser) from a list of registered providers requiring significant travel, and having to wait a while for funding approval. Imagine now having the assurance of funding to choose whichever service you want (with all the financial administration sorted on your behalf). Perhaps it isn’t a surprise that choice and control haven’t always been at the top of the healthcare agenda. But you can see here how a customer-centric company mission can significantly improve someone’s life – in this case, potentially half a million Australians. We already know what good customer experience looks like because we’ve taken notes from some of the latest disruptive companies (like Airbnb, Uber, Amazon).

Can we raise the bar in industries that are behind in the customer experience game? Think about other industries like education, public transport, insurance, and telecommunications to name a few. Some industries may be more bureaucratic or complex than others when it comes to change, but the new way of doing things is driven by customer expectations.

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Written by Carol (Growth Hacker Trainee)


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