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The Talent Institute (TTI)

The Talent Institute is part of Startupbootcamp (SBC), the world's largest industry-focused accelerator program. Since 2010, SBC has trained thousands of innovators, and in the last three years, TTI has placed over 350 growth hackers in more than 320 companies.

Our 6-month Growth Hacking traineeship program helps companies find, train, and hire the right digital talent. The program, headed by global startup experts from Startupbootcamp, will deliver insights on your growth imperatives such as customer engagement, conversion, and product/market fit.

By delivering digital talent with the right skills and mindset, TTI reduces organisations' recruitment and training costs and lets you try before hire.

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Facts & Figures

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Skills Our GHs Learn

The entire Growth Hacking program is focussed on teaching the in-demand, digital skills of today and the future to increase your company’s innovation power. A few of these skills include:

  • Facebook Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Landing Pages
  • A/B Testing
  • Google Adwords
  • Experimental Design
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Google Analytics
  • Usability UX
  • Lean Methodology
  • And much more!

Benefits to Your Company

Upon completion of the program, your trainee are able to utilize these skills for tasks such as:

  • Use Google Analytics to make informed decisions about marketing channels, market segmentation, and how to improve an organization’s website
  • Think critically about brand voice by analysing what’s on your website, social media accounts, etc.
  • Create, target, launch, and track social media and email marketing campaigns
  • Improve customer conversion from browser to buying
  • Find a product/market fit through rapid experimentation

Program Structure

Month 1

Full-time Training

  • Trainees are taught tools and skills sets in growth hacking by industry experts.
  • Trainees are matched with traineeship companies.

Month 2-4

4-Day Traineeship

  • Trainees work four days at their traineeship companies
  • Trainees return to TTI every Friday for weekly deep dives and reflective learning sessions.

Month 5-6

Full-time Traineeship

  • Trainees work full-time at their traineeship company.
  • TTI continues to guide them through our dedicated Slack Channel, experts and network and monthly meetings.

End Of Program

No Recruitment Costs

  • At the end of the 6-month program, the traineeship company have the option to offer their trainees a job.



“The mindset of a Growth Hacking student from The Talent Institute will change your perspective on your processes, business, and future completely. An inspiring win-win learning curve that I would highly recommend.”

Frank de Wit

Head of Endemol Beyond Netherland


“We are very happy with the quality and enthusiasm of our growth hacking student. The Talent Institute is a structured program that provides excellent education and feedback to their students. Great to be on board and I can recommend this program to everyone seeking talent that walks the extra mile!“

Floris van Hoogenhuyze

Barqo - Co-Founder


"The opportunity provided by The Talent Institute to combine training and real-work experience, offers a great learning experience for the student and brings new value to the company in growth-hacking activities."

Elles te Riet

Dashmote - Operations and Partnerships

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