Grand Final for Growth Hackers

With the AFL Grand Final buzz slowly dying down we have realised that our Growth Hacker trainees can relate to the intensity of the match. A third into their 6-month program, they are starting to feel more confident about their position in their traineeships and are ready for the next play.


The Training

For the month of August, our trainees were training to be key players in the growth industry. For four weeks they worked with coaches and prepared for the 5-month game ahead. They engaged in deep dive sessions with industry experts, challenged themselves to think outside the box and created their own startups as a real-life guide to growth hacking.

They all felt ready for the traineeship companies – may be a little nervous but all in all, prepared. However, just like the final between Collingwood and West Coast, you can never predict your opponent’s game. Nothing can really prepare you for the real thing.


The First Quarter

September came and went, just like the first quarter in AFL—it’s exciting, but over pretty quickly. The adrenaline-fueled trainees were ready to start their new roles.

After a few short weeks, the trainees started to realise that while their personal experiences were all unique, they still had to keep adapting. Just as the opposing team has to adapt to being in the home teams ground, the trainees had to adapt to their new roles, working with their mentors and teams, all whilst grasping their new working environments.


The Second Quarter

Coming into the second quarter now, the growth hackers are stronger than ever. Now they have an advantage. They know how their opponents are playing. They understand the team dynamics, their growth goals and are working towards validating their growth plans with experimentation.

We understand that the journey of our trainees isn’t going to be easy, they still have three quarters to conquer. However, TTI offers a large support system for trainees as well as for hosting companies. With deep dive sessions every Friday and constant debriefing sessions, the trainees have a solid ecosystem encouraging them to communicate. We cannot wait to see how the game ends.


Are you looking for some rapid acceleration or experimentation in your business? We’re currently on the lookout for more industries to disrupt. Please get in touch if you’d be interested in hiring one of our talented growth hackers.


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