Halfway Point at The Talent Institute

The Talent Institute (TTI) launched its first 6-month program in Australia on the 6th of August, 2018. We started our first cohort with six talented young professionals looking to kick-start their careers in the digital field and now we have growth hackers working in the industry.

The Talent Institute has placed over 350 growth hackers in more than 320 companies. Click To Tweet The definition of growth hacking is to efficiently, rapidly, and sustainably grow a company by conducting numerous small experiments under limited time and resources.

Our growth hackers are trained in having a growth mindset with disruptive thinking to help companies who are undergoing a digital transformation or those who are on their innovation journey. For startups and scaleups, our training focuses on delivering insights on growth imperatives such as customer engagement, conversion, and product/market fit. 

The entire growth hacking program is focussed on teaching the in-demand digital skills of today to increase a company’s innovation power. We find, train, and hire the right digital talent for companies as innovation requires people with the right skills and mindset.  

Our first cohort of Growth Hackers are already halfway through their traineeships and are implementing their growth mindsets every day. From August to October, the trainees have been settling into their roles as growth hackers and are working to accelerate the digital transformation their traineeships companies are undertaking. Each month they have taken a step toward not only completing their program but also understanding the growth hacking process. 

We cannot wait to see how the trainees implement their growth mindsets in the coming months. Not only are we preparing for the next stage of our first cohort, but we are also ramping up for the next cohort which starts in mid-Feb 2019.  

Are you wanting to recruit a growth hacker to significantly grow your company while also reducing your organisations’ recruitment and training costs?

If YES, visit https://thetalentinstitute.com.au/ for more information.


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