My Journey to Acquiring a Growth Mindset

How many of us found jobs after graduation that aligned with what we studied at university? Probably not many… if you did, good on you mate! I never truly did. In fact, I never really found passion in my major (mechanical engineering).

As a student, I was unmotivated. I became addicted to video games, which is now apparently classified as a “mental disorder” according to the World Health Organisation. I’d spend every second trying to level up my virtual character and researching new strategies. I’d play the shit out of the game for months and eventually, move on to another. I was stuck in this cycle since I was a teenager. I knew this wasn’t the life I wanted to lead, but I never found the motivation to change it.

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably thinking “wow that is some pathetic shit”. But remember, every superhero has a rough start that eventually leads to a glorious life-changing moment, right? And here comes mine… (drumroll, please).

I was introduced to “Growth Hacking” by The Talent Institute when I joined their traineeship program in August. The program taught me how to become a Growth Hacker, but more importantly, it taught me about entrepreneurship and maintaining a growth mindset. I learned alongside young and motivated entrepreneurs, but I was also exposed to an environment filled with positivity and innovative thinking. Being in that environment triggered my inner competitiveness to work harder, which is perfectly depicted in my favourite quote by my man Eric Ries, “The only way to win is to learn faster than anyone else.”

The journey so far with The Talent Institute has been incredible. I’ve found something so valuable - my passion.Click To Tweet I’m constantly reading articles and watching videos on YouTube to learn more about growth hacking so I can better myself as a Growth Hacker and in turn help businesses evolve and grow in the best ways.

I’m a Growth Hacker trainee at The Talent Institute, where young professionals passionate about digital technology, innovation, and problem-solving come to acquire the skills, tools, and mindset required by businesses looking to find digital talent to enhance and grow their company.

Blog by Growth Hacker Trainee William Chu


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